Master Classes...Sing for Joy!

    What does this musical piece say to us?
    How do we bring what is in our hearts to the audience?
    How do we "invite them in", to be touched by our message
    and inspire them to their own?
    ~Elizabeth Bice

Since 1987 Ms Bice has been living and singing in European Opera houses
and concert halls, with occasional appearances in her homeland North America.

She has continued always in her love for encouraging musical education
for young people - children as well as aspiring young professionals.

As well as training young professionals,
Ms. Bice has developed a program
for enthusiastic amateur singers and those
who wish to improve their own sound and vitality
by cultivating the "Life Energy" that singing can bring.
She is a regular teacher at the summer program AIMS
(American Institute of Musical Studies) where she enjoys inspiring
talented young people to their best efforts.

She never forgets "her roots" in American jazz and musical comedy,
as well as fine tuning the classical musical styles of many lands.

She considers music to be our most universal language in all its forms.
To learn more about the American Institute of Music (A.I.M.S.) visit....

  • " are a full package of voice, interpretation, passion & beauty.
    Which also happens to be what I am striving for."
    K.Tsamboukos, New York

Sing for Joy....

An advocator of Natural Health practices, Elizabetta has always equivocated the discipline of opera singing
with that of the top athletes who take part in the Olympic Games. For all of us, though, the very act of singing brings
energy and vibrant health into our lives as a natural "by product" we are all born with. "Just look at the Children!",
she says, "they feel the gift of life, they jump, and sing for joy - until the world tells them it is 'inappropriate.' "

Ms. Bice has worked with these principles in partnership with leading health professionals all over the world,
among them George Thomas "The Medicine Man" in workshops in America and Europe

In the belief that "Life on this earth is our Greatest Gift", she began her work with others
under the Motto "Sing for Joy!" in Europe and North America in January, 2003.

For schedule information or to book a private session, please contact her via email at the following address:
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