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    Elizabeth Bice has, from the beginning of her career, been a specialist for contemporary composers, interpreting their works not only accurately and virtuostically but with the "flesh and blood" of an opera singer. Her opera roles include Berg's LULU and will shortly include a debut as Strauss' SALOME.

    Credits include:

    The World Premiere of "GIUSTIZIA CARA" by Adriano Guarnieri with the Scottish Chamber orchestra to open the Verdi festival in Parma

    Aria di Mara from LORENZACCIO by Silvano Bussotti to open the Haendelfestspiele with the Halle Philharmonie 1999

    IMPROVISATION II for the 70th birthday of Pierre Boulez 2000.

    Bernt Alois Zimmermann's OMNIA TEMPUS HABENT for the Neue Musik Reihe.

    The German Premiere of Alexander Raskatov's KADDISCH 2001.

    World Premiere of Thomas Buchholz' SCHARAKAN (in ancient Armenian) 2002.

    Upcoming projects for modern composers include:

    A CD recording of SCHARAKAN

    Performance of works of Roman Haubenstock-Ramati/Thomas Beckett

    Composer of the Year Award Gyorgy Kurtag (song cycles Op.25 and 26 in Berlin, March 2003).

    Ms. Bice is also the first female interpreter of the songs of Theodor Adorno (Adorno 100 Year Jubileum 2003) since the world premieres by soprano Carla Henius with Adorno himself as pianist.

    CHRISTFRIED SCHMIDT, Berlin Tonsetzer Alptraum

    ERNST KRENEK Zeitlieder (Kraus)

    In 2005 is planned the world premiere of "Hommage a la Femme."
    This special work is dedicated to Prague personality Zdenka Podhajska (a dear friend of Ms Bice until her passing and always an honored guest of the Prager Fruehling Festival) with text written by Elizabeth Bice and set to music by Sachsen Composer Alfred Thomas Mueller.

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